Filing a Claim

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When filing a claim for car insurance in Florida, there is no guarantee that you will be satisfied with the results. However, just because the number you are offered for your claim payment for car insurance in Florida does not appeal to you does not mean that you should roll over. Instead, you should take a few steps to try to convince the car insurance company that you deserve a higher payment.

Nobody will know that you don’t like the offered car insurance settlement if you just fume silently. Car insurance in Florida is not a business of psychics. It isn’t often fixed so easily, but in some cases it can be.

If you want to argue that you need more money for your claim payment, you have to be able to prove it. Provide documentation such as the police report, medical bills, an itemized bill from your repair shop, or proof of the value of your vehicle and its features before you try to take your case to the claims department for car insurance in Florida.

The Department of car insurance in Florida allows you to send in complaints, on or off line, about your car insurance company if they are not treating you right on your claim settlement. You will have to provide documentation, and if they believe that you are in the right, they will take action.

Check your policy for car insurance in Florida first to make sure that this is allowed and see if there is a certain thing you must do to get an arbitrator.

If nothing else works, you can hire a lawyer to take care of the claims escalation for you. The lawyer can try to negotiate, and in the end can make the car insurance company to court if they don’t pony up.

Filing a Claims in Florida

Florida Car Insurance Quotes After an Accident

Your Florida car insurance quotes can be determined by the outcome of your car insurance claim, so it is important that you gather all the information after an accident that is necessary in determining who was at fault for the car insurance accident. If you are found to be at fault when documentation might have proved otherwise, then your Florida car insurance rate will rise. Follow these steps to keep your Florida car insurance quotes steady and your claims process smooth:

  1. Pull your car to the side of the road, check yourself and the passengers in your car for injuries and, if possible, get out of the car and check those in the other vehicle for injuries
  2. Call the cops. If someone is hurt, you should tell them how many people and what injuries you are aware of so that they can send ambulances. Even if no one is hurt, you should call the police to have someone come down and write a police report on the accident
  3. If someone is injured, then you should put a blanket over them to keep the warmth in their body until the ambulance comes. It is advisable to carry a blanket in your car for this purpose
  4. Do as much as you can to make sure that the scene of the accident is not disturbed until the police get there
  5. When the police officer files the report, find out how you can get a copy. Your car insurance company will usually want one when you file your car insurance claim
  6. Call a tow truck. The tow truck can either take it to a mechanic or to your home, but if you take it to a mechanic make sure they don’t do nothing to it until an adjuster from your car insurance company comes out to look at it
  7. Make sure you get relevant information from all involved, such as names, numbers, and driver’s license numbers. Get the contact information for witnesses and the names and badge numbers for the cops at the scene.

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