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What Exactly is an SR22 Insurance Florida?

An Sr22 Florida is basically a Certificate of Financial Responsibility given for automobile drivers by their state and insurance company. It is similar to an FR-44 and the exact terms and conditions very from state to state. But overall, it is certificate which ensures that you have coverage for auto insurance liability. For SR22 insurance Florida, the form shows that you are insured for 10/20 bodily injury and up to $ 10,000 of property damage.

It is important to note that the SR22 is not an insurance in itself. It is basically a letter from your insurer stating that you have the necessary coverage and insurance.


Does Everyone Need to Get an SR-22?

DUI Checkpoint in FloridaNo, it is not necessary for everyone to get this insurance. It is only for individuals who are considered to be high-risk drivers by the state. The state decides if an SR-22 form needs to be taken if the individual is involved in any of the following driving misdemeanors:

  1. Driving Under Influence (Dui)
  2. Reckless driving
  3. Causing accidents in an uninsured vehicle

Generally, the Motor Vehicle Department of the State sends out a notification if an SR22 insurance Florida is required. So if you have not been the recipient of any such information, then it is safe to assume that you do not need to get an SR22 insurance.


How does the SR22 Apply to Citizens of Florida?

Florida has a strict no-fault insurance system. This policy is executed to ensure that insurance fraud is prevented and the insurer has to pay in case of an accident, no matter whose fault it is. This is very useful as it limits litigation over ascertaining which driver was at fault. Generally, the driver on whom the blame rests is charged at a higher risk insurance premium. Drivers in no-fault insurance states can seek settlement from the court in case of extraordinary cases. In Florida this includes death, disfigurement or disability.

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How Much Premium Do You Have To Pay For an SR22 in Florida?

For Sr22 Florida, the premium is a variable amount and involves a number of different factors. Some of the factors that affect the premium rates are:

  1. Driving and accidents record: If you have a history of rash driving or have been involved in previous reckless automobile behavior, then the premium is bound to go up
  2. Credit Score: A bad credit score can also trigger higher premiums as insurers will feel that you are liable to defraud
  3. Occupation: If your job involves long distance driving and regular use of the automobile, it will increase your chances of being involved in another accident. Hence, people with such occupations will see a hike in SR-22 premium
  4. Gender: Women will not have pay as high an amount as men
  5. Marital Status: A married person is considered stable and less likely to be involved in another accident. Hence the premium charged is generally much lesser for married persons.


How long should the SR-22 Florida filing be renewed?

In the State of Florida, SR22 needs to be kept valid for three years. If you maintain a clean driving record in these three years, then there will no need to renew your SR22 Florida insurance.


How Do I Choose The Right SR22 Florida Auto Insurance Company?

Americans are tempted to believe that the best Florida auto insurance company is the one that provides them with the lowest quote. This is a good standard to go by, but it is not always true, and should not be the only criteria that you base your choice of a Florida auto insurance company on. Things such as the recommendations from repair shops and the legitimacy of the Florida car insurance company should play a part in your final decision.

  • Check out the Florida Department of Insurance website!

Most people never bother to even make note of the existence of a Florida Department of Insurance, but it is there, and it is a wealth of information. The main thing that you want to check first off if you are looking at a local Florida car insurance company is whether or not this company is legit. To do this, you simply go to the list of license auto insurance companies on the Department of Insurance website. If your SR22 Florida car insurance company is there, then you have a problem.

SR22 Form in Florida
SR-22 Form used in Florida

That first step isn’t necessary if you are choosing a larger company that operates nationally, such as AllState or Progressive. However, even big companies with flashy commercials have their problems, so you do need to look them up on the website under the complaints section. The Florida Department of Insurance has a very helpful section of its website which compares the ratios of complaints between companies. Sometimes a company is not listed, but if you look it up on the website for another state, the ratio there might give you an idea as to how it would operate as a Florida auto insurance company.

  • Find out if your Florida auto insurance company is a bad egg

The best people to talk to about a Florida car insurance company are those who experience its service up front and often. While you can get some great information from friends and relatives about their own Florida car insurance company, the best place to go is to a repair shop that you trust.

Repair shops encounter car insurance companies all the time, so they know which ones treat them well and which ones give them the run around and try to get out of paying their claim. They also hear the complaints from the policy holders who bring their vehicles to them to be fixed. While the negative opinion of a repair shop on a particular Florida auto insurance company shouldn’t be a deal breaker, it should weigh in among the other criteria.

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Best SR22 Florida Insurance Companies

A big factor that can help you determine whether a particular company provides great Florida insurance or not is the rating. There are several different kinds of ratings, and the type of company that you are looking at might preclude you from needing to find them. The ratings I want to talk about in this post are the J.D. Power Ratings and the financial security ratings.

Simple to understand and straight to the point, J.D. Power and Associates has been providing excellent consumer ratings for a long time. Not only can you find ratings for great Florida insurance companies there, but you can also look up consumer ratings on new cars, and other types of goods and services. The J.D. Power ratings categories are several for the great Florida insurance companies.

  • Billing and payment
  • Contacting the insurer
  • Pricing
  • Overall experience
  • Policy offerings

The ratings are between one and five, with five being the best, and you can see from them that even some of the more popular companies aren’t such great Florida insurance providers as they seemed to be, such as 21st Century car insurance which has a three in overall experience.

There are two main companies that offer ratings on financial security that you can use to help find the best great SR22 Florida insurance company, and these are Standard and Poor’s and A.M. Best. I recommend A.M. Best, though both work just fine. These companies tell you how able your great Florida insurance company is to pay your claim when you file one. The last ting that you want to do is buy a great Florida insurance policy, only to put yourself in debt when the company crumbles.

Most people go with the larger car insurance companies, so this might not be necessary, although I would give it a look because you never know what will happen. If you are going to get insured throug a local great Florida insurance company, then looking up the financial ratings is a must.

On the A.M. Best site, the ratings run from A++, which is the best rating, to E, F, and S, which stand, respectively, for solvency, liquidation, and suspended. In order to ensure that you are getting a great Florida insurance company, your company should have no less than a B+. Standard and Poor’s is much the same, with ratings that run from AAA to R and NR, which mean regulatory supervision and not rated. Likewise, to get a great Florida insurance company, it should have at least a BBB.

Happy Driver in Florida


How Do I Find Cheap SR22 Florida Quotes?

It may be a little time consuming, but the best way to find a great quote from a Florida SR22 car insurance company is to shop around. The time that you spend doing so will save you more money than you would have earned working during that time in the long run. First, turn your computer on, gather all of the information you will need to get an online quote from each Florida car insurance company, have your phone by your side, and make sure you have an hour or so of free time to take care of this.

Kick things off by going to an instant online quote site. These sites will give you quotes from more than one Florida car insurance company, and it only takes a few minutes to fill out the information.

It’s a little repetitive and definitely dull, but instead of considering it a waste of time, think of it as a money maker. The majority of Americans don’t shop around for quotes when choosing their Florida car insurance company, and as a result they often end up overpaying by hundreds of dollars. One person can get results from quotes with differences of eight hundred dollars or more. If you sit at your computer filling out forms for an hour, and you find quotes between fifteen hundred and one thousand dollars, it’s like you just earned five hundred dollars in that time. You probably can’t say that about your day job.

Depending on the quote site you go to, you could get your final results in three different ways. One, you will get the quote instantly as soon as you click submit. Two, you will get the quote emailed to you. Three, the Florida car insurance company will call you and further discuss the quote. It’s faster and just as reliable to go to a site that provides instant quotes.

Don't Drink and Drive in Florida, you can Get a DUIYour first step when looking for a car insurance company is to get a good online Florida auto insurance quote. There are websites all over th internet that offer these, from independent websites that give you the online Florida auto insurance quote from several different companies, to the websites of those companies that will give you a slightly more accurate quote, and a occasional an online Florida auto insurance quote from a competitor or two. When you look up your online Florida auto insurance quote, though, you should keep in mind which types of car insurance discounts apply to you so that you can select them accordingly.

When you fill out the form for your online Florida auto insurance quote, it will ask you questions pertaining to how much you driver every year. There are a couple of discounts that are related to this, and the most relevant one is the low mileage discount. The limits for this discount vary depending on the company. Most go by yearly mileage, which can range from a limit of five thousand miles a year to a little less than eight thousand. Some go by daily mileage, setting a limit of forty miles a day or similar. If you take advantage of the bus and car pooling, you can save money by saving gas and mileage and getting the low mileage discount applied to your online Florida auto insurance quote.

Also, if you’re on your parent’s policy and you go to school at least a hundred miles away from them, but you didn’t bring your car with you, then you can keep your coverage at home for a big discount and take advantage of the college town public transportation while you’re away.

Altering how much you pay and how you do it can garner you a smaller online Florida auto insurance quote. The most common way to do this is to raise your deductible. By raising your deductible, you assume more risk, and thus pay less on your insurance premium. In most cases you will save more over the years than the deductible amount by raising it.

Another way that this can be accomplished is by paying your premium all at once instead of in monthly installments. With some companies, this will only save you a few dollars on your online SR22 Florida car insurance quote, but wit others it can be ten percent or more.

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